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Small town girl, that’s me.  Having been raised in Hope, Arkansas, at that time, the population was about 10,000, one thing I knew was that I wanted to do something big.  My mom, whom worked in a factory for 19 years, raised my younger brother and me.  My father was never in my life and we didn’t have or do much.  Mom had to work many hours because she made barely above minimum wage.  Watching her juggle her work, a home with a large yard, and two children by herself really left me with a firm grasp of what hard work, dedication, and independence was.  I believe I have her to thank for my determination, my perseverance, and many other things of course.

For entertainment as a child, I played school all of the time, as I aspired to become a teacher. At age 15, instead of playing sports like other kids, I got my first job.  Healthy living wasn’t part of our lifestyle, that is until at age 18, my life did a real 180!  I had my daughter, Alexis, and wanting to be the best mom possible, I became extremely involved in health and fitness. I moved Alexis and me about 30 minutes away from home, to Texarkana, and I joined my first gym; before then I had never been inside a gym.

A friend “showed me the ropes” with weight training, and I took aerobic classes regularly in hopes of acquiring some extra tips…since I had no idea what I was doing!!  In addition, I was taking night classes at the local community college so that I could work during the day.  While going to college, I worked in sales jobs, day care teaching, and waitressing, and finally had the opportunity to teach aerobic classes, which was great.  After seven years of taking college classes, I graduated from Henderson State University – a forty-five minute commute each way, each day.  I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Education.

As a 24-year-old single mom, I moved Alexis and myself four hours away from our family and friends in pursuit of a good paying job teaching third grade.  After a year of teaching, I realized that as a single parent, teaching took too much time away from my raising Alexis.  That summer, after consulting with a trainer/friend at the gym in which I belonged, I got my first Cooper Inst. personal training certification and began my journey as a trainer.  One year later I began competing, and continuted until 2011, when I lost my baby girl to a horrible house fire in Granbury, TX. She was celebrating her 17th birthday with her friends, and early Sunday morning a fire started on one end of the mobile home. Though she was on the opposite end of the mobile home, Alexis was not able to find her way out in time.  Alexis was a Junior in high school with plans on going to college. She was the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever had the honor of knowing. I love and miss her terribly. Losing her has changed me forever. I have become closer to God than ever before. It is my passion to get to heaven to be with Alexis again. In a nutshell, this is my story.  I hope this motivates you to live a healthy life and because life is short, pursue your dreams.

A saying I live by, “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”.

Tiffany Ryan

Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Cooper Institute Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • 18 yrs experience
  • NPC Figure Athlete 2001-2011

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Birthday: Virgo

Birthplace: Arkansas

Residence: Fort Worth, TX

Status: I had the most beautiful & wonderful daughter in the universe, Alexis Jade Schooley, R.I.Heaven. She was tragically killed March 2011 in a house fire at her 17th birthday party. Still can't believe she's gone. I'll miss her terribly the rest of life.

Occupation: Former school teacher, personal trainer and group ex. instructor for the last 13 yrs

Education: BS in Education from Henderson State & Cooper Institute and IFA Personal Trainer Certs.

Favorite retreat: The beach, love warm weather

Favorite music: Christian Contemporary & Christian Hip Hop

Favorite cheat food: Mexican, Asian, pizza, & any dessert!

Favorite healthy food: Natural, crunchy peanut butter on whole wheat bagel- toasted, or any unsalted, plain nuts

Drink/smoke: Negative on both accounts

Hobbies outside of gym: Spending time w/ God, family, friends, & my dog, Sandy. Being active.

Trainers: Myself

Fitness Goal: Do my best, stay in shape, & motivate others to do the same

NPC Dallas Europa Supershow, OVERALL in Figure, 1st in A class Figure, 2nd Figure Masters- 08/11

NPC Branch Warren Classic, 4th Figure Open, 2nd Figure Masters- 07/11

HardFitness Calendar 2011 Mrs. September

Appearance in Muscle & Fitness Hers Nov/Dec, page 10

Fbbfan.com Featured Athlete of the Month August 2010

NPC Jr. USA, 8th place Figure- 08/10

Sponsorship by Hardfitness 8/2009-8/2011 Sponsorship by Muscularsynergy.com 2008-current

NPC Red River Classic, 2nd place Figure Open-10/09

Hardfitness E-Magazine Sept. 2009 COVER

NPC Europa Supershow, 4th place Figure Open- 08/09

NPC Red River Classic, 1st Novice lightweight Bodybuilding, Overall Novice Bodybuilding, 2nd Open lightweight Bodybuilding, & 3rd Figure Open- 10/08

IFBB North American Championships, 16th place Figure- 09/07

Stacker II Hottest Mom Swimsuit contest @ the Dallas Europa, WINNER- 09/06

NPC Lonestar Classic, 2nd place Figure Open- 06/06

NPC Junior Nationals Figure Championships, 16th place Figure- 6/2004 AND 6/2006

Appearance in Muscular Development Volume 42, December 2005 pgs. 48-49

Appearance in Muscle & Fitness, December 2005 pg. 30

Budweiser, Lonestar Distribution, Rock Hard Formulations, Smoothie Factory, The Gym for Health & Fitness, & Promax Products Promo girl- various times between 2003-2006

NPC Red River Classic, 2nd place Figure Open- 10/02

NPC Irongames, 3rd place Figure Open- 04/02